Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heaven - Ismael Canales

Ismael Canales is wonderfully hard at work for our Is This Heaven comic-book! 



Reminds me of old Akira Toriyama pics, my legend and inspiration:)


Galvatron - Cinefex

An awesome Galvatron pose just came out in Cinefex! It was a great honor to model this guy and help redesign him (Megatron) for TF4. He originally had a much smoother, traditional knights armor which we later replaced with very angular, geometric, heavy and aggressively sharp armor. I did however take great care to retain the original armor, tuck it in and retain a kind of ancient chivalry about him.

It was tough to find a way for it all to armadillo in a seemingly realistic way. He's is essentially wearing two full suits of armor laced with cabling and a vortex-void instead of a heart:).

The smoother plate armor, which made the final model, needed something extra so I added very sparse but ornate repetitive linings that hearken back to regal armor - which could have been for simple decoration, strengthening or even to snag/deflect a jagged blade.

The cheek-bones and blade-like plate below them were finished to be extra sharp (laced with gold trim) and pronounced as far as a 'menacing look' would allow. The cheeks then acted as a perfect picture-frame to build out the tiny high-frequency intricacies of the face (Reminds me of SnoopyBabe the internet meme cat). When we nailed that feature along with his nestled horns I knew we had a very unique looking, devil-like character, (with massive goat-style hooves to match) something quite different from every prior transformer.

I could rant on about this for hours. Each piece its own microsculpture - such fun! A rare and exceptionally enjoyable challenge.  I just hope we get to see more of him soon! Chattles soon. - B

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Skywalker Ranch - Follow

First mix day up at Skywalker Ranch - and yes, it sounds spectacular. - Dream achievement unlocked.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Populous Ships

The 'populous ships' - designed to relieve Earth of a quarter its population in an effort to allow Earth sufficient time to heal - but when they finally launched with so few citizens on-board, Natria’s treachery was immediately clear.


Oculus Virginity Smashed

Well, I had my first Oculus experience.

Firstly, (upon taking it off) the peripheral view is more expansive and thus more pleasing than reality. - It;s a scary thing when a digital world visually feels more immersive than reality...

Secondly, its potential for using cinematic tricks in (horror/thriller/action) games is huge, - especially as the player is forced to participate (rather than cover your eyes - like at the movies).

Thirdly, I'm fairly sure this is direction it will actually go... :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Is This Heaven: Movie Vlog - Intro - Part 1

We are creeping toward 4000 organic likes on Is This Heaven - so I thought I'd start a vlog and create a much more dynamic way to share updates and behind the scenes! Big love! - B


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Krieger Sculpt

Early krieger sculpt, working with the brilliant Ben Erdt! Juxtaposing that which originated from Earth and that of Natria.