Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


After working on such detailed and complex robots for almost 10 years, it's quite funny to me that my favorite robot turns out to be a monolith...

Interstellar Bashing?

Bashing Interstellar? 

You have to step into all film accepting a new reality + give yourself to it - 
or dismiss the medium all together.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get at em!

(to the pilots)
Get at em' and take them down wherever they land!

Let one through for us will ya?

If one gets through, IF... you and all of Olympus will burn.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

8-foot flea.

Imagine an 8-foot flea. Mobile, agile, and quiet. They can't take much of a beating, but most of the time you'll never know they were there.

(just add satchel-charges)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Grade play.

Grade play by DP Christian Wilmes.

Is This Heaven - 3rd Act.

Great 5am shoot at Ford Ord! We shot from 5am. Wonderful to work with Cambell Walker again and even had a beautiful deer prance straight through the set! Thank you to the whole crew, esp. DP: Christian Wilmes who flew in from Paris - Chuy Valadez on Camera, Melanie Walas and Ennie Lim who worked on the costume, John Goodson who worked on ageing/weathering and Kendra McPhee who kept everyone up and running!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Populous Ships Test Flight

Populous ship test flights from Earth to Natria were a success - but no one imagined how few would ever make it there.

Welcome to Alcatraz

Immutech Robotics chief architect Steven Forcyth has completed Alcatraz renovations for his stunning new San Francisco family home.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heaven - Ismael Canales

Ismael Canales is wonderfully hard at work for our Is This Heaven comic-book!


Reminds me of old Akira Toriyama pics, my legend and inspiration:)


Galvatron - Cinefex

An awesome Galvatron pose just came out in Cinefex! It was a great honor to model this guy and help redesign him (Megatron) for TF4. He originally had a much smoother, traditional knights armor which we later replaced with very angular, geometric, heavy and aggressively sharp armor. I did however take great care to retain the original armor, tuck it in and retain a kind of ancient chivalry about him.

It was tough to find a way for it all to armadillo in a seemingly realistic way. He's is essentially wearing two full suits of armor laced with cabling and a vortex-void instead of a heart:).

The smoother plate armor, which made the final model, needed something extra so I added very sparse but ornate repetitive linings that hearken back to regal armor - which could have been for simple decoration, strengthening or even to snag/deflect a jagged blade.

The cheek-bones and blade-like plate below them were finished to be extra sharp (laced with gold trim) and pronounced as far as a 'menacing look' would allow. The cheeks then acted as a perfect picture-frame to build out the tiny high-frequency intricacies of the face (Reminds me of SnoopyBabe the internet meme cat). When we nailed that feature along with his nestled horns I knew we had a very unique looking, devil-like character, (with massive goat-style hooves to match) something quite different from every prior transformer.

I could rant on about this for hours. Each piece its own microsculpture - such fun! A rare and exceptionally enjoyable challenge.  I just hope we get to see more of him soon! Chattles soon. - B

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Skywalker Ranch - Follow

First mix day up at Skywalker Ranch - and yes, it sounds spectacular. - Dream achievement unlocked.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Populous Ships

The 'populous ships' - designed to relieve Earth of a quarter its population in an effort to allow Earth sufficient time to heal - but when they finally launched with so few citizens on-board, Natria’s treachery was immediately clear.

Oculus Virginity Smashed

Well, I had my first Oculus experience.

Firstly, (upon taking it off) the peripheral view is more expansive and thus more pleasing than reality. - It;s a scary thing when a digital world visually feels more immersive than reality...

Secondly, its potential for using cinematic tricks in (horror/thriller/action) games is huge, - especially as the player is forced to participate (rather than cover your eyes - like at the movies).

Thirdly, I'm fairly sure this is direction it will actually go... :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Is This Heaven: Movie Vlog - Intro - Part 1

We are creeping toward 4000 organic likes on Is This Heaven - so I thought I'd start a vlog and create a much more dynamic way to share updates and behind the scenes! Big love! - B

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Krieger Sculpt

Early krieger sculpt, working with the brilliant Ben Erdt! Juxtaposing that which originated from Earth and that of Natria.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Brick...

A brick wants to be something.

It aspires.

Even a common, ordinary brick wants to be something more than it is.

Wants to be better than what it is.

And that is what we must be.

- Woody Harrelson as David Murphy in "Indecent Proposal"

Transformers Box Office

About to hit $600M... China's market is now more important than USA's. Watch how the movies are changing to cater to this...

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Here's a much better shot of Bumbleebee, released on Businessweek with an interesting article I want to touch on...

Transformers Turns Bigger Cinematic Failures Into Better Box Office

Regardless of the article, it was a real pleasure to work with some very organic and stream-lined shapes for the new Bumbleebee. I made him much more aerodynamic, as proportions changed from more of a comical body-builder to a humanoid proportioned athlete. Very fun juxterpose of clean panel work and mecha greeble, especially for the 'battle-mode' face mask. - And for the first time (imo), he really looks like a bumbleebee with the elongated and semi-protruding eyes based on the ommatidia array of real bumblebees.

Sadly, the art (and it is art) that goes into these CGI characters, at least on an aethetic and functional level, often surpases the final product and story as a whole. - The very medium in which this art is delivered (in  a mass sense), seems to allow critics to forget what amount of artistic thought and talent has gone into each transformer and the amount of artists and technicians have toiled over it. None the less, we can't fool ourselves out the the reality that it is a business - one I love:).

Transformers 4 - Age of Extinction - My Characters

Finally some early screengrabs online of a few of the characters I had the pleasure to work on for Transformers 4 - Age of Extinction over about a year and a half!


 New Bumblebee

 Bumbleebees red nemesis 'Stinger'.

Galvatron! - More of him soon no doubt, as we went pretty crazy on extra detailing and design with this character. There are only very few screengrabs out there at the mo.

Featured on Dinotopia creator James Gurney's blog...

Kinda crazy to have a mini-mention on the Gurney Journey, esp having grown up with and being obsessed with Dinotopia...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Galavatron - Transformers 4

One of the many hero robots I worked on and one of the most enjoyable models/designs I have done in my CGI/VFX career - featured heavily in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.
Here is a little tweaked out propaganda poster:)

...and Bumbleebee of course:)... including his new enemy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Luc Besson chat.

What a dream come true, I just had a one to one chat with Luc Besson on the influences of anime, bande-desinee and manga to his films, France and US culture - after his talk at LucasFilm. Shaking in my boots! What an incredible mind.

He attributed his ability to move between the roles of Directing and Producing to the natural ease we all have to being a Father, Son, Brother and Husband, all in a single day.

He discribed his personal way of returning to his well of creativity akin to imagining you only have 4 bullets left in your gun... You can't waste one bullet for anything except the film that you really want to make.

What struck me the hardest was how he descibed his love of film being akin to 'meeting somone'. 'You just cant stop thinking about that girl'. That is deep seeded and that one is not totally in control of that passion anyway. That is very much how I feel about writing and storytelling.

Just a fantastic and inspirational talk. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Follow The Camera: Platnidyne VS Immutech patent suit - May 3rd. 2066

Platnidyne VS Immutech patent suit - May 3rd. 2066

Prosecutor Baez: 
Jeffrey, are you able to assess how similar you are to the 3Xi?

Jeffrey/XMA6 (Immutech Labor droid)
Yes, however my similarities are far less of a comparative stretch to humankind than the 3xi.

Prosecutor Baez: 
That was not my question. My question was...

Defense Attorney Burnett: 
Objection! Asked and answered in the only way it knows!

Sustained. Rephrase your question.

Prosecutor Baez: 
Jeffrey, would you be offended if you were being copied?

Would you?

Prosecutor Baez: 
My answer is of no consequence here.

But it is! Don't you duplicate? Recreate yourselves - over and over?

Prosecutor Baez: 
Yes,... but.... we are off topic. If I may Judge - Jeffrey, are you at all concerned with what you are made of?

My understanding of what I am made of on a hardware level is as obvious to me as your biology is to you. But on a software level, I am on a similar search as humans are.

Prosecutor Baez: 
You are on a search?

Defense Attorney Burnett: 
Objection! Beyond Scope. All of it. This witness is a charade! 

I assure you Elisabeth, I am not.

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