Thursday, July 18, 2013


I'd just flown in to Soho, London from Amsterdam. I had no appointments. I was on a cold-call mission. Glenngary style. A3 Portfolio under my arm. I walked in off the street into MPC. No joke. Danny Boyle, Mark Tildesley and Andrew Morely had me in a slick glass board room, waiting. In came a scroll. Andrew unfolded a gigantic industrial-sized blueprint. Its seemed to unroll forever, bounding down the table. I hoped I could figure out what the hell it was before it came to a halt. 'This is Icarus. It's 2km long and we need to see it up to 5 feet close at any given point. Can you make it?' 

Icarus ships from Sunshine (2006). I got to model supervise and design many aspects of these ships alongside Danny Boyle and Mark Tildesley.

Very fond memories at 3 Mills Studios.

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